Jack Quaid

Jack Henry Quaid was born on April 24, 1992, in Los Angeles, California. He is the child of Meg Ryan, known for the melodramas “Kate and Leo” (2001) and “In the Land of Women” (2007), and Dennis Quaid, a nominee for the prestigious Golden Globe and Emmy awards.

Quaid made his debut in the science fiction film The Hunger Games (2012) starring Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. He played Marvel – a tribute, that is, a participant in the competition, from District No. 1. The actor spoke about the shooting with special warmth: “We [the crew and the Hunger Games caste] have experienced tropical downpours, flooding, scorching heat. Once a bear wandered into the site. But for me it’s an amazing experience. Definitely the best story ever on what I did during my summer vacation. Marvel also appears in the second part of the movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013).

Quaid can also be seen in the horror film Kill For Like (2017), the comedy Lucky Logan (2018) and the adventure movie Rampage (2018). All roles are episodic. And only the romantic comedy “Plus One” (2019), in which Jack starred with Maya Erskine, brought the long-awaited main role.

So far, the most successful project in Jack Quaid’s biography is the Boys series, which premiered in 2019 on Amazon Prime Video. It is based on the DC comic book of the same name and tells, as you might expect, people with supernormal abilities.

Unlike Superman or Batman , the Boys’ characters revel in their own glory. In the human world, they are like rock stars: they get the best places in sports games, cars and girls. Superheroes are united in a group called “Seven”. And “Boys” are fighting against their waste and impunity. Hugh Campbell, Jack’s character, is one of the Boys.

Carl Urban , Erin Moriarty , Dominic Mackelliogott, Anthony Starr – young and promising actors – worked side by side with Quaid on the set . Based on news from Amazon Prime Video, they’ll be back on set in 2022 to create Boys Season 3.